Friday, December 3, 2010


I am working on some projects that I cannot share so I looked through some old files.

The first one is a website design that my friend Mike and I were working on. I cannot take full credit but I know I did a lot of it. The link is here. I wish we would have got it up and running because I really like this design. None of the buttons work by the way

The second file is a similarly themed website design, but completely different. I think it's a older version of the same design because of how things look, but it is the latest I could find. It stems from an animation I did of Captain Ahab and the white whale that never really worked. But I really liked how the water moved so I couldn't help but try to find a way to use it. Here is the link.

The last is what was supposed to be a webcomic series. I made five pages I guess but never did any more. It was displayed in flash and never figuring out a good way to update gave me enough reason to quit (not that I ever need a good reason to quit something.) You can see it here. Buttons mostly work on this one.

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