Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back

Sorry about the multiple week delay in updating! I don't own a camera and often have to rely on other people's equipment to get my images onto a computer (which has made updating alot more difficult). But anyways I've been venturing into watercolors and have come up with a few still-life images I'd like to share. From here I'm thinking about exploring into other subject matter, ideally one of my favorite forms of illustration which is *drum roll* FANTASY ART. I've been into Progressive Rock lately and I can't help but fantasize about other worlds when i'm jamming out to King Crimson and Yes. So I'm planning on doing some strange paintings soon, and hopefully they will be as successful as these. enjoy!

PS- Sorry about the wierd format of this post, Blogspot won't let me copy and paste my text


Sadly, I must miss my weekly update this week, as I am busy preparing for my vacation tomorrow. I'm off to Walt Disney World!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Around 3 Years Ago in Vanarts

That was when I got the resolve to finalize the design for the urban version of my avatar character.

Looking through my archives, this does bring back quite a lot of memories.

If anything, I miss you guys and the 3D gang a whole lot :)


Nowadays, I just have him wear whatever I'm wearing in real life :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from Utah...

I am back from Utah! I have swam the "Great" Salt Lake. I have concurred many a "3-2" beer. I have also drawn some pictures:
Since I had a lot of time to read, and I have JUST purchased many graphic novels for the trip, I was inspired to try to think up a webcomic. I feel the best way to start is with an array of character to mold a story from. My approach thus far might be a little awkward, but it seems like the sort of thing my hero, John Allison, would have done. So with that idea I need to work on a style of drawing that gives me varied characters that seem to fit well together. I also was working on paper with a ball-point pen. Something I haven't done in a while and it reminded me why actual paper was good to work on. The two later pictures I drew on paper and cleaned up on the computer.

I was trying to come up with a different female character from the previous one that I have. Unfortunately, she just ended up looking like Kitty Pryde.
...So then I drew Kitty Pryde... She is my favourite X-lady.

I am trying to come up with a story of some sort but I am a terrible writer. I also know that it will be bad anyway I go about it so I might as well jump into it with as little grandiose planning as possible.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken fat

Two posts ago I posted sketches of some chickens. This is the video that I made it for. There's some pretty neat raw chicken puppetry going there but unfortunately I didn't do them. I think they're awesome though!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Remote

I've been rather busy this past week, so I'm reposting something old of mine that you may not have seen before. It's a short Bitter Bunny video I did one night while watching the classic Clash of the Titans.

Intercepted teh Blog

Saskatchewan does have some nice places...up North.....look, real trees!

*random* I did this...isn't it awesome?........kid ninjas train on mini cliffs.

>:J Angela is now a part of this...I am joining on sundays...my non-graduation is considered irrelevant.

Anyways....This is late, because I just got home from Mom's place.

I went to Folkfest on Saturday with a coworker friend(hopefully to be my close friend for another year, because I really do not have many other friends here), and said mother. Basically you travel to different "countries" within spread out buildings throughout the city, with entertainment and food...and stuff. I missed most of the asian events of course >_<..!!...I saw Kendo guys walking out from a finished show :(, and a dragon used for the Taiwan thingee, and apparently there were Wu Shu demonstrations *sigh*. One of the things I was looking forward to this year, and I missed them. Now that I think of, I do have some photos.
India pavillion. Infact, that is India right there.

German pavillion.....yeah, I know...it's quite Scottish. They also had Scotland.

Asia-Pacific pavillion. tea ceremony using guests. They had to practice the art of sitting still for 20 mins to become calm and serene XD..I wasn't there for most of that.

Norway pavillion.
Did I ever tell you those are my ancestors?. I consider myself a 'Hiccup' compared to them though...yes, a bad pun.

Anyways...luckily for this blog, I did some art today. For the best I'm sure, I feel kind of depressed today.


I also caught some frogs. The big one was found under a pallet...wow, I never held such a huge frog in my life! XD. The first one I found was actually so tiny I had a sappy moment like I do with kittens. I hope they let him out of that box though after the kid cousins played with it...of all the frogs, he's too cute to.....starve...I should call mom when I wake up. The rest were already set free. :( I also found a dead salamander.....poor thing. I really wanted to find a salamander, but not a dead one. Guess I wasn't specific enough.
.........look how tiny it is! *points in the corner*

I toke this on my fishing trip with Dad.

I have more things, like Animethon photos (but without any interesting stories, except with people looking at me like I stuck out for some bad unspoken reason...nervous people arent allowed at anime cons or something? wow, the irony of my life.)

I havent done much character art, I've had an extremely long art block...so long I don't know what to make of it. My anatomy is so rusty, that most attempts end up if thrown out paper and frustration at being so behind, so to make myself less anxiety-driven, I guess I put it aside and focused on other subjects.
Here is my latest attempt:

I like the blue one...but the other one is a mess.

I've also completed these within the past 2-3 days.
I had not done much at all for the last few months beside some sketches, so this much colored artwork is not usual for me to have completed in so little time.

They are all digital.

I am honestly proud of this shark.......but sad is, I did not make it on a large file.

I wanted to try sea creatures, it was itching me.

Anyways..............I think this is long enough. Obviously I have been up to something, for the best. Most times I have not much new going on.
I need to sleep anyway.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

First off is a picture I took of Half Peak, a 13,800 ft mountain, at night. I climbed it a couple days ago. Along with that is a sketch I did while out in the field:

Note to self:

It sucks drawing pine trees. Also, it's practically impossible to concentrate on your drawing while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Next up is a drawing I did today. Nothing special...just messing around in Photoshop, but I think it came out pretty good:

And simply because I like to see the process, here are my ruffs:

Friday, August 20, 2010

And Such is Time...

Sorry for the late update, I've been travelling to and fro Malaysia and Singapore quite a bit as of late.

Just managed to get a hold of internet connection here over at a Starbucks outlet x.x;

These are some recent sketches I've managed to complete for some clients over the past week. Its been a busy week overall with all the things goind on and a conference call interview with a company interested in hiring me as an animator =O

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Demo Reel - Work in Progress

Here's my demo reel in the making. I felt bad that I still haven't uploaded anything onto You Tube so that my name doesn't just say "<-Link" next to it.

I'm still trying to find the music that I want to go with it and I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with the order of the clips on there but like I said it's a work in progress.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The job search continues

This is a little Bitter Bunny comic I doodled on my lunch break the day I found out I had been passed over for a creative position where I work. It's cathartic, really.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Head for the Hills

So as this is being posted, I'm not actually sitting in front of my computer. In fact, I'm currently backpacking in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and have been since Thursday. I'm writing to you from the past...oooOOoo...

Anyway...here's a page from my sketchbook:

I doodled these while watching the movie Ladyhawke. If you haven't seen it, shame on you.

<-- Here's another little guy I kinda liked.

Well I won't be back until next friday, so I can't promise next week's post will be anything special. I do hope to have some nice sketches from the trip, though.

By the way, Bryan, ever heard of a library? Or an internet cafe? You're killin' me smalls...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackjack School

Note to anyone out there, if your dealer asks you if you are sure of anything, you aren't.

I wanted to do some comic writing this week and have something to show for it, but alas, I must have spent all week interpreting Todd's poetry. But seriously I am a terrible writer and I had problems coming up with a story. Or at least a funny story. So for now you get this unfunny but always true, one-shot comic thingy.

I really like the colours for some reason. They are ugly as hell but they some how work. Not unlike Mission Hill.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chickens, chickens and more chickens...

These are just a few quick character sketches I did for a project I'm currently working on.

These are the final three that I decided to go with.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion!

This video is pretty self explanatory.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Tomato is Tuckered

My Tomato's Plum Tuckered

My tomato's plum tuckered

My beans are pretty beat
For them to do anything
Would be quite a feat.

My cucumber's blue
My green pepper too
There's hardly a chore
I can get them to do.

My corn is not listening
My potato's closed his eyes
Perhaps I'll pop some popcorn
And fry up some fries.

My okra's okay
But my kale has gone pale
And my brussel sprout's sprouted
A long, fluffy tail.

My broccoli's gone bad
My sweet potato, sour
My peas are divided
My asparagus needs a shower

Oh, I can't stand these rotten veggies!
I'm about fit to be tied!
Oh dear, I shouldn't've shouted-
Now the onion's gone and cried.

That's The Life For Me

Where would you rather be?
(Says he)
Under the stars
Or safe at home
behind lock and key?

Where I'd rather be,
(Says me)
is sailing my ship
through all seven seas

Where I live and I'll die
betwixt earth and sky
I'll pillage a port
Then go out with the tide

Arrgh, that's the spot
Aye, that's the ticket
If you don't agree
You know where to stick it

I'm a scoundrel and thief
With a knife 'tween my teeth

I take what I want
and I want all I see
Yo ho, yo ho
A pirate's life for me!

Who? What? Why?

Here's what I'd like to know--

Why does it snow?
How do I grow?
Who decides which way a river flows?

Which way is up?
Which way is down?
When everyone knows the world is round.

I have fingers.
I have ten toes.
Why was I given only one nose?

Sugar tastes good,
Healthy food, bad.
Who decided that? Was it my dad?

Why must I sleep?
Why do I dream?
What happens in that space in-between?

All these questions.
No one answers.
Are we human? Or are we dancers?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Curveball Outta Nowhere

Well know that readability is one of the factors that falls into the staging part of the principles of Animation =)

Little practice done up here with the Norman rig, just for a bit of a chuckle =D