Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackjack School

Note to anyone out there, if your dealer asks you if you are sure of anything, you aren't.

I wanted to do some comic writing this week and have something to show for it, but alas, I must have spent all week interpreting Todd's poetry. But seriously I am a terrible writer and I had problems coming up with a story. Or at least a funny story. So for now you get this unfunny but always true, one-shot comic thingy.

I really like the colours for some reason. They are ugly as hell but they some how work. Not unlike Mission Hill.


  1. haha...very nice Steve. Good tip...that will come in handy for me next month when I go to Las Vegas.

    I think the colors work too...although those cards seem awfully small...

  2. They are too small.

    Las Vegas?! No Atlantic City?

  3. Nah there's a wedding that I'm going to in Vegas. I'm not a huge gambler...but maybe with you revealing all the trade secrets I just might start...haha

  4. Don't gamble! But if you do go to and print off blackjack basic strategy and look at the other things there.