Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken fat

Two posts ago I posted sketches of some chickens. This is the video that I made it for. There's some pretty neat raw chicken puppetry going there but unfortunately I didn't do them. I think they're awesome though!


  1. That was...interesting. Who was this for?

  2. I guess I should have elaborated on that on my post huh. This is something I did outside of Michael Sporn's studio.

    A friend of mine is (Theresa Loong) a member of The Film Shop in Brooklyn. What they do is they get together to meet every week and vocalize a project that they want to do. Right now she's also working on a documentary called Everyday is a Holiday. They recently had a party to close out the season and she wanted to do a short format film to screen beforehand and decided to do a music video for this song. The song is The Youth Fitness Song (Chicken Fat) by Meredith Wilson sung by Robert Preston.

    I don't know how to add links to comments so you can find more information on the song if you go to the You Tube page or on Google.