Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Tomato is Tuckered

My Tomato's Plum Tuckered

My tomato's plum tuckered

My beans are pretty beat
For them to do anything
Would be quite a feat.

My cucumber's blue
My green pepper too
There's hardly a chore
I can get them to do.

My corn is not listening
My potato's closed his eyes
Perhaps I'll pop some popcorn
And fry up some fries.

My okra's okay
But my kale has gone pale
And my brussel sprout's sprouted
A long, fluffy tail.

My broccoli's gone bad
My sweet potato, sour
My peas are divided
My asparagus needs a shower

Oh, I can't stand these rotten veggies!
I'm about fit to be tied!
Oh dear, I shouldn't've shouted-
Now the onion's gone and cried.

That's The Life For Me

Where would you rather be?
(Says he)
Under the stars
Or safe at home
behind lock and key?

Where I'd rather be,
(Says me)
is sailing my ship
through all seven seas

Where I live and I'll die
betwixt earth and sky
I'll pillage a port
Then go out with the tide

Arrgh, that's the spot
Aye, that's the ticket
If you don't agree
You know where to stick it

I'm a scoundrel and thief
With a knife 'tween my teeth

I take what I want
and I want all I see
Yo ho, yo ho
A pirate's life for me!

Who? What? Why?

Here's what I'd like to know--

Why does it snow?
How do I grow?
Who decides which way a river flows?

Which way is up?
Which way is down?
When everyone knows the world is round.

I have fingers.
I have ten toes.
Why was I given only one nose?

Sugar tastes good,
Healthy food, bad.
Who decided that? Was it my dad?

Why must I sleep?
Why do I dream?
What happens in that space in-between?

All these questions.
No one answers.
Are we human? Or are we dancers?


  1. Oh Todd, that's my Boy.
    Why would I ever buy my kids plastic Toys.

    They have imaginations
    and really should use them.

    They just need time and space
    and then they will discover
    the fun they can have with the vocabulary gem.

    Cardboard boxes and blankets & sheets
    can be transformed into the most amazing
    Pirate suites.

    And Weeping Willows can be climbed into
    and hidden under
    When the Blue skies open up
    and turn Grey with thunder.

    Creative DNA has been snuggled
    into the very fiber of our being,
    we just need time to be un-distracted
    so that it can come forth glowing.

  2. Nice mom...though you might want to work on your iambic pentameter.

  3. Iambic Pentameter has:

    * Ten syllables in each line
    * Five pairs of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables

    Ya know Todd~I just would rather color outside the lines...besides, English/Grammar/Spelling were not my strong suit...if it has "rules" it is not as much fun for me. I will leave that subject up to you and dad & Brian.

  4. Oh Todd, don't ever do this to me again! I don't want to READ!

  5. Poetry is art too, so you can just DEAL WITH IT!!