Monday, August 23, 2010

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Saskatchewan does have some nice places...up North.....look, real trees!

*random* I did this...isn't it awesome?........kid ninjas train on mini cliffs.

>:J Angela is now a part of this...I am joining on non-graduation is considered irrelevant.

Anyways....This is late, because I just got home from Mom's place.

I went to Folkfest on Saturday with a coworker friend(hopefully to be my close friend for another year, because I really do not have many other friends here), and said mother. Basically you travel to different "countries" within spread out buildings throughout the city, with entertainment and food...and stuff. I missed most of the asian events of course >_<..!!...I saw Kendo guys walking out from a finished show :(, and a dragon used for the Taiwan thingee, and apparently there were Wu Shu demonstrations *sigh*. One of the things I was looking forward to this year, and I missed them. Now that I think of, I do have some photos.
India pavillion. Infact, that is India right there.

German pavillion.....yeah, I's quite Scottish. They also had Scotland.

Asia-Pacific pavillion. tea ceremony using guests. They had to practice the art of sitting still for 20 mins to become calm and serene XD..I wasn't there for most of that.

Norway pavillion.
Did I ever tell you those are my ancestors?. I consider myself a 'Hiccup' compared to them though...yes, a bad pun.

Anyways...luckily for this blog, I did some art today. For the best I'm sure, I feel kind of depressed today.


I also caught some frogs. The big one was found under a, I never held such a huge frog in my life! XD. The first one I found was actually so tiny I had a sappy moment like I do with kittens. I hope they let him out of that box though after the kid cousins played with it...of all the frogs, he's too cute to.....starve...I should call mom when I wake up. The rest were already set free. :( I also found a dead salamander.....poor thing. I really wanted to find a salamander, but not a dead one. Guess I wasn't specific enough.
.........look how tiny it is! *points in the corner*

I toke this on my fishing trip with Dad.

I have more things, like Animethon photos (but without any interesting stories, except with people looking at me like I stuck out for some bad unspoken reason...nervous people arent allowed at anime cons or something? wow, the irony of my life.)

I havent done much character art, I've had an extremely long art long I don't know what to make of it. My anatomy is so rusty, that most attempts end up if thrown out paper and frustration at being so behind, so to make myself less anxiety-driven, I guess I put it aside and focused on other subjects.
Here is my latest attempt:

I like the blue one...but the other one is a mess.

I've also completed these within the past 2-3 days.
I had not done much at all for the last few months beside some sketches, so this much colored artwork is not usual for me to have completed in so little time.

They are all digital.

I am honestly proud of this shark.......but sad is, I did not make it on a large file.

I wanted to try sea creatures, it was itching me.

Anyways..............I think this is long enough. Obviously I have been up to something, for the best. Most times I have not much new going on.
I need to sleep anyway.

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