Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from Utah...

I am back from Utah! I have swam the "Great" Salt Lake. I have concurred many a "3-2" beer. I have also drawn some pictures:
Since I had a lot of time to read, and I have JUST purchased many graphic novels for the trip, I was inspired to try to think up a webcomic. I feel the best way to start is with an array of character to mold a story from. My approach thus far might be a little awkward, but it seems like the sort of thing my hero, John Allison, would have done. So with that idea I need to work on a style of drawing that gives me varied characters that seem to fit well together. I also was working on paper with a ball-point pen. Something I haven't done in a while and it reminded me why actual paper was good to work on. The two later pictures I drew on paper and cleaned up on the computer.

I was trying to come up with a different female character from the previous one that I have. Unfortunately, she just ended up looking like Kitty Pryde.
...So then I drew Kitty Pryde... She is my favourite X-lady.

I am trying to come up with a story of some sort but I am a terrible writer. I also know that it will be bad anyway I go about it so I might as well jump into it with as little grandiose planning as possible.


  1. Because her powers are kind of lame.

    I am not sure. It is just the face I gave her at the time.