Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just in time...

I have been working on my flash build a bit. I finished the front and the profile views.

Unfortunately, it doesn't LOOK like I did anything because you've seen this all before. Well then I have something for you doubters! I did this little walkcycle test to prove that I actually did something for this week.

It isn't completely done but it is a start (she only has one arm at the moment and there are some problems overall.) It pretty much lets me see the things that are wrong with the build which is what I need. Let me know any notes you might have, please.


  1. LOL...nice boob bounce there Steve.

    It's a pretty good start though. I'm sure you'll get to these but overall I feel like her perspective isn't matching. You've got her hips twisting but not her upper body and her feet aren't matching either.

    I know I was kind of poking fun at the boob bounce but if that is something you want to put in there maybe it's easier if you attach that to her torso and create the animation with a little bit of squash and stretch? That way you're not having to keep track of keeping them aligned with the torso.

  2. I think I went overboard with the boob bounce. It was something I was trying to get some secondary action going.

  3. hahaa that's the first thing i noticed too is the boob bounce! HOTTTTT!