Friday, November 19, 2010

For the impatient reader... UPDATED!

There is virtually no chance that I will get this rendered in time to post tonight. I have been waiting probably over an hour for this SINGLE IMAGE to render! My computer DOES suck but also this is extremely high-poly and very shiney. I will hopefully have something to replace this with tomorrow.

(sorry for the lateness of this post! It has taken me probably an hour just to get a screen shot and to get this all typed and what not due to CPU usage!)


I think it got passed the really taxing parts and finished up quicker. Or it finished because I stopped trying to do so many other things!

I am modeling a Sopwith Camel for my 3D class. I finally went to my 3D class after a four week absence. I didn't go for weeks for various reasons, and I was quite behind-ish on this project. I basically did it all today (yesterday.)

It is not finished. I still have a couple things to add. Snoopy for one.


  1. Ha! Yes, you must add Snoopy. And you must build one of these in the real world. Meatspace. I'll help you.

  2. I don't think building Snoopy in "Meatspace" is going to work...

    But it is a goal of mine to build a Sopwith Camel though.