Monday, November 29, 2010

Life Drawing :)

Sunday guest entry....very late at night entry, I still consider it sunday until I get up for work tomorrow...I mean today.

This is Angela again >:)

I have been going to figure drawing sessions with my mentor every other saturday. I will share a few images, if you will.
yes her head is too big...

These uploaded quite miserably tiny...sorry about that :/ .
oh, I guess I didn't see the size options...will fix a few now.

I also made something in response to the Tiger Summit project taking place in Russia in response to the little population of 3,200 wild tigers left on our planet. Hoping to see more people take interest besides just the 13 tiger populated countries. Also enjoyed an extra found on James Cameron's Avatar special edition related to his effort in Brazil concerning amazon water damns :).

I did the below one Friday night before I went to bed after sketching landscape :)

Goodnight, I need to sleep for work now...too bad Saskatchewan doesn't have snow days...the only snow days I get are no-bus-transportation days..I experienced one last winter...sadly I had no idea until I stood for an hour wondering why the buses still weren't coming.

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