Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Skool

I unplugged my computer for about a week. It was nice. So these sketch pages are done on actual 8x11 pieces of paper. I even used an actual pencil for the first one!

This next one I revert to my more comfortable tool: a ballpoint pen. The drawing is a redesign of Matthias Malone. Mainly just a new hat. Still working on it.

That other hat was too hard to draw from various angles. There's just something about those darn Indiana Jones style hats! I remember when I first went to Vanarts for the month-long intensive, way back in '06, I asked Gerard how to draw a decent looking hat. But even he had trouble giving me an example.

And finally just some random faces:
If I'm bored or can't think of anything to draw, I usually start sketching faces. It's fun just to play with the different proportions and shapes.

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