Friday, October 15, 2010

These are screen shots from my 3D Animation project. Like I stated last week, we have to model a bedroom. We are supposed to have a video to turn in but each one of these frames took me twelve minutes to render on my laptop.

The room itself is unfortunately pretty bland. I do not know what to do to spice it up a bit. I like the bed spread (I made the material by taking a picture of my bedspread and making it into a tile-able pattern) and the fact that the TV shows "A Mammoth Undertaking" (yes, it really plays!)


  1. Great job with the bed spread!

    I think you need some "clutter" in the room to really bring it to life!

    Shoes on the floor, bookcase, posters. I guess you would also have to decide who's room it is to be able to add specifics.

  2. It's pretty much my room. That is my bed, my TV, and my dresser with some minor differences. Clutter would be more than appropriate. Right now it is too hotel room looking.

    The bed spread modeling was ridiculously easy. I spent a couple hours making what I thought was a nice bed spread. Then in class today our instructor was like "if you try to model a blanket, it's gonna look like crap so here's what you do." And a few steps later 3DS Max lays down an awesome cloth blanket.

  3. This should definitely be in there...