Thursday, September 2, 2010

.An Inglorious Battle

I have been doing nothing for the past few days other than watching Star Trek and battling to update my portfolio. I know it isn't very creative and therefore not terribly worthy of this blog but I'll be damned if I'll take any criticism for that.

I have not been as diligent as I should have been in the job hunt and have been slacking on keeping things up. So when Gerard sent me a link to a job post he thought I would be a good fit, I now have the difficult task of getting my act together.

First I battled with video editing software, finally being defeat enough to resort to Windows Movie Maker. *shudders* Then I had to wait all night for my newly minted demo reel to upload to YouTube. I was going to make a nice website to post the various things I needed to post, but apparently I lost all knowledge of html (I think I replaced it with blackjack basic strategy! Remember! Split fours against a five or a six!) and couldn't find a good website editor. Finally I resorted to a blogspot after wordpress didn't give me the desired result.

Now all I need to do is rewrite my resume and write a cover letter... *sigh!*

To misquote the Klingons, "To day is a good day to cry!"


  1. I say bravo Steve! It's not creative per se but job well done anyway! It's always good to keep your work up to date. It's a good record of the evolution of your work at the least.

  2. Not Windows Movie Maker!!! The horror!!!! Anyways...I wish I could see it but my internet is just plain terrible. I may have to run over to the library to take a look at it and upload my post for this week.