Monday, September 20, 2010

Two things

A quick sketch of Viggo Mortensen in The Road. I love Viggo, but The Road is hard to watch. It's very bleak. Well done, but bleak. Although, in my heart, he will always be Aragorn to me.

Some time ago, I sent some of my comics to Jeffrey Brown, one of my favourite cartoonists and graphic novelists. This postcard was his response. It was encouraging to have a positive response from someone I admire.


  1. Nice Craig...the postcard is awesome. And I agree about The Road. I love post-apocalyptic scenarios, but that was almost too realistic, too bleak.

  2. Awesome! Love the eyes in your sketch. It's so encouraging to get feedback from someone you admire. I wish I had that kind of courage to contact my favorite artists. :)

    - Joanie, CA20

    (BTW, Katrina is responsible for unleashing me unto all of you, she visited my blog!)