Monday, September 6, 2010

quick art update and what bothers me.

Random accomplishment: I watched over 6 hrs of anime this weekend!...after my procrastination of choosing a title to watch, I decided to pick something I don't have any know about, and I sat through the whole thing was cute, and some of it made me feel so bad for their realistic situations that I felt a tear or two, but it's all fine.
Kita-He, and Memories of Off ova's 1, 2 and 3.5. They were short, but enjoyable.

Anyways, to more serious accomplishments....

In light of all the lost 2 year Ive had since I left college, I have good news art-wise. I am in a artist mentorship program :). As much as I am intimidated by meetings, I am also rather excited...

I have felt a bit more inspired because of this......I honestly did not know I'd get picked among the entries...I was so worried, almost wanted to tell myself to not be excited...but now that it's going through, I hope by mentioning it, it's still happening....why? because everytime I mention things that arent official yet, they seem to not happen after :(...I'm not even's as if, I have a constant "do not take for granted" voice, you know? like something, or someone is trying to keep you on your toes, and that the best things are things not expected, because we appreciate them more.....but sometimes, I wish it was a little more lenient...I tend to think of terrible things that will happen when important things do not work out :( might be part of my mix of anxiety disorder, and, another related...but I experience some of the shortcomings enough to think its not just in my head.

I forgot if I mentioned it before, but I have met my mentor, and she is a nice lady. I can share her art with you seems like something I could really be inspired by, and best of all, she does human anatomy work XD...I need.
Um...I hope I do quite fine in the presentation meeting, a bit nervous.
a doubt we are sharing is if the life drawing classes we have plans for is still happening.

Anyways :)...

I managed to digitally paint a landscape off a photo I took. I planned to do that for a long time....not really sure why I didn't....procrastinating, I guess..........yeah....

This is Victoria, BC. I visited this area with my best friend in BC...I want to move back next summer :(.

I also added random edits to it, because having my own landscape art means endless background usage for whatever comes to my mind.

If you look close enough, there is a small spirit of a dragon. Though really, I just added a filter and made the transparency low, I drew this dragon originally like 3 years ago, haha.

I thought I'd try out a matte/border look. I don't think I can really afford to do that fancy matting without photoshop. the image file however is far too small to bother matting in a frame....I worked small so I could get it done without my photoshop lagging. Trust me, if I do not finish it within 2 days that it's started, I probably won't even do anything on it for at least a few months.

There is also something that comes to mind from time to time, awhile people are either for or against it....there is nothing wrong with sharing my view on this:
sit through it if you wish, I won't force you.

"One of my biggest peeves, is how people are so foolish related to the environment. I do not comprehend how it is not your problem. Seriously. Everyday things die off, including things that support your ability to live. Everything is basically your life support on Earth, and if the trees die, you will die too......that silly "we can just find another planet" idea is also stupid. What if you can't just do that? do all the billions of creatures who died because of you die just so you can run away again?....your just going to do it again, anyway. There is no true word to express the disgust in the severity of the arrogance that seems to be the image of mankind...and everyday we see living examples of can you not feel shame? we were built with shame for a good reason, thinking that we should never feel shame is self-justifying for ignorance. Sometimes I feel it is futile to open this subject, because I feel like I will get things thrown at me...but than I feel no better than anyone else when I sit and say nothing, as if I do not care...because I do care. My apathy is towards people who make it difficult to express myself without being shot down for "caring too much". I still think I can be a terrible person with flaws I am not proud of...and still, I care about what is important."

I'm sorry if nobody wanted something like that on here, but I didn't really have much else. I admit it is was far too long of a paragraph though, might be my horrible grammar skills XD.

Besides that, I'm going to prince albert tomorrow to help out with their Walmart inventory...apparently that town has a crappy walmart with a low staff...but I'm just going for something different...I'm quite a deprived child who takes any sort of road trip as if she hasn't gone anywhere before XD, I'm not supposed to be excited, but at the same time, I'm afraid of road trips some days.

Did you know Saskatoon has a Kendo club? XD....seriously. I want to muster up the courage to go, but I'm not sure. Also, is the money.

Eep, I have a fault, it's pretty late.

:( Also......I am feeling disturbed over a movie I saw on friday...I mean, it's still bothering me, there are times when I wish my friends would sleep over, but I want to hide that feeling because I'm an adult now(and I have no roomate, with a highly active imagination). Some things are easily forgotten as a movie by some people............I wish it was so easy for me..............I will never see a movie like that again.....I need to not think about this....happy thoughts I must have, till next update, I guess...I still get the odd shudder still :( .

I also want to share this find:

A new anime short series to span over movies, with one of the prettiest singers you'll ever hear for an opening song, period. I do not often praise a singer unless I really enjoy them beyond others I "like"...if you are interested in her other work, her name is Kokia.

I also want to see this anime series, but that's besides the point :p. I must sell the non-anime watchers with the music XD..I will not share something if I cannot see others liking some aspect of it.

Also, there is news of a werewolf anime series titled Guardians of Luna. The creator of Gargoyles that I know you are all familiar with is co-creating it with a team in Tokyo. No there are no vampires in this anime...I am very relieved. There is an interview onyoutube, go look it up :).

Technically it is not anime because of the american influence, but it is being worked on in Japan,'s more anime than the Last Airbender has rights to call itself XD. Although, one thing that confuses me: there is a dragon shown. I do not understand how the dragon really fits, but I won't complain :).

Now I'm off to bed.


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