Saturday, September 4, 2010

(working title...)

I too am working on updating my demo reel. I have bunch of ideas for short films--some simple, some complex. And since they've just been sitting dormant in my Ideas folder, I figured it was time to dust off my skills and turn those ideas into ANIMATION!!

Since I haven't done much animation in a while, I decided to start off with a fairly simple idea: An intrepid hunter named Fred brings home quite the prize.

Below is my storyreel. My reels tend to be pretty ruff, but they work for me:

By the way, I removed the "prize" from this version. I want to hear your guesses as to what it could possibly be. I bet a signed copy of my demo reel you won't get it right!

Here's some concept art for ol' Fred:

Ruff and final layouts:

So there you go...that's what I've been working on. I'd like to be done with it in another two weeks. This is more of a warm-up. And yes, that is the working title. I haven't spent time coming up with a more clever title. Something with a pun....


  1. Pretty cool Todd! I actually like the rough layout coloring better than the final one.

  2. Actually, I kind of like it too. I was going for a Samurai Jack feel on the finished one. That one's not gonna work anyway, since I made the file size too small. I'll have to redraw it.