Thursday, July 22, 2010

Backgounds are apparently the bane of my existence...

Like I said in the header, backgrounds are the bane of my existence.  Well somewhat true.  But when it comes to completing a single image it is a huge problem for me.  Even with all this planning (something that I do rarely with my sketches I am afraid) it comes down to colouring and everything else that comes with completing it.

Mr. John Allison is great at backgrounds and also a great inspiration to me.  His webcomic and posters have great backgrounds.

So this is the piece I am working on (unfinished obviously) and I am not sure if it will ever get done for more reasons than one.  Right now, it appears to be too big for my favourite Sketchbook Pro to handle.  Too big and too many layers.  But I will see what happens with it.

Bonus image:

The gift I gave Christina and Michael for their wedding.


  1. Is it just me or do the pictures not work right? I click on them but the larger versions don't seem to come up. I cannot figure out what is wrong either.

  2. Yeah, I noticed's seems to be only on yours though.