Friday, July 16, 2010

Something a wee bit different

Quite a while back while in Vanarts, I managed to nail for a character's design that has somewhat eluded me for years.With what I learnt in Vanarts, a character sheet was in order to 'put things in order', so to say...

So voila, this was what I came up with!

Somewhere later down the road, we were taught about the importance about how understanding characters that we create in real space would give us understanding on how to much more believably convince the eyes of viewers when it comes to possible proportion, expression and poseability, just to name a few.

Hence, we were advised to embark on a project to build a Marquette (sp?) of the character we had in mind, so naturally, I picked the character I've been working on for years once again.

What we had here was a WIP of how it went.
Since the Marquette wasn'y very big and the pose that was in mind had relatively decent ground contact, I could afford to use wires that aren't very thick.

Innards of the skeletal frame are then filled with Aluminium foil to assist with the process of baking and give a more solid 'skin' structure to the Marquette.

And finally, the Marquette prior to baking.

I was pretty pleased with how things turned out here. Definitely am interested in working more with this medium in the future :)


  1. Nice! I like how everyone's bringing their characters into the real world. It's cool to see them in actual 3 dimensions (and not just 3 dimensions inside a computer program...).

  2. Looks good Zeph! Do you have any other plans for the character?

  3. I am glad you posted this Zeph, because I am having a hard time finding good references of how to do these sculpture things.

  4. Todd:
    Yeah, that's true.

    Planning a 3D CGI version of it though :D


    When possible, make a fully animatable 3D version of the character.

    The rigging of the skeleton will probably be the most difficult part.


    There's a course of how we do these things in the Vanarts 3D course :)

  5. Wow Zeph! I love your sculpture!

  6. I knew there was a course but alas! I didn't take the 3D course. I am trying to learn these things blind from the internet. Those sculpture things that the 3D class had were the reason I thought of it.

  7. WOW! What kind of modeling clay/compound did you use for the "flesh"??