Friday, July 30, 2010

Wandering About and I'm a Mango

Been picking up a bit of freelancing as of late to make sure that ends meet to a certain extent, drawing for people I know over this globe for a reasonable price (I hope) for US$5 per quick sketch while at the same time practicing some style variants.

The styles utilized here are more along the lines of a cross between American Comics and the 2010 evolution of Japanese shonen manga style (or at least that was what I was trying to achieve).

Still working on things at present (Up to 100 client drawings if allowed), but here're several that I've been working at.

The one unpredictable thing about taking up this challenge, is that you never really know what the different clients will ask (though I have stated my own restrictions down), and it makes it all the more fun.

Some of them won't ask for the usual bipedal human type anatomy, and you do get some challenge if you're trying to deal with Quadrupeds, Insect type creatures, or maybe even Tripeds in motion!