Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stepping up a few knotches...

So I think we need a little more going on than what we've seen thus far on the blog. First off, I finished the turnaround of the character that I have at least temporarily named Kayla. I am currently working on builds in flash and a test walkcycle in the profile.

Then after I did that I made an expressions page for her. Just a rough one but with I hope enough variety to show some personality. I am really starting to get the hang of the character and I am considering, when my animation desk gets built doing some hand drawn animation tests.
Lastly, I have been wanting to do a statuette in sculpey for a while now but haven't had a reason or all the stuff before. I started this one and I will finish it but because of the way I was making it (baking it in pieces) it isn't terribly strong and needs some glue attention. The pose is a little wack and I am not sure if it will turn out well but it is my first attempt and I will try again later.

I challenge all the other contributors to step up their games like I have so we get a really rockin' blog `o art going.


  1. Oh snap! He's calling us out gang!

    Well I did have something for Saturday, but now it looks like more is required of me. Back to the drawing board! (Well first I have to go to work, but THEN it's back to the drawing board!)

  2. I think you got a week at least. I mean it isn't really fair to expect Zeph or you meet this challenge in a day.

  3. No way...I'm taking that as a challenge, matey. I have tomorrow night off, so instead of stocking groceries for 8 hours, I'll be using that time to 1-up you...but in a good way!