Friday, July 23, 2010

Boot to the Head

Hoping I'm in time for this one.

Doing a series of thematic fighting poses involving the use of legs.

Readying for a round house kick on this one. A bit of play with the foreshortening.

The one on the upper right show Zeph going for a hammer drop kick. The one on the bottom is a high rising kick, but apparently, I didn't plan this one out too well when it came to the legs -_-;

Just playing with dynamics at random, I came up with the pose there on the top of this image. Physically painful to try and emulate in real life, but hey, i think that's what drawings are for! =D

The 2nd drawing in this image is supposed to depict a strong forward kick. I've been on the recieving end of such a kick when sparring with a friend of mine learned in the arts of Muay Thai, and if left me short of breath for a few minutes at least! o.o

Finally getting back into practice again. Feels good to be able to draw again after dabbling with 3D too much.

2D drawings are always better.

Welp, that's it for this week from me.

I think I'll come up with another theme for next week, just not sure of what yet however.


  1. Technically, no, you're four minutes late. We haven't changed it to Vancouver time and I am not sure if we decided to.

    Great foreshortening though!

  2. Oh dang, and I thought I made it this time >_>;

    Oh well, 4 more images to come post lunch and shower =)