Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't You Hate It When This Happens

So I sketched this a while back and I've been meaning to do something more with it. I like her and how she's so square and kinda tubby.

I've also been dying to get some animation done for the blog and I thought she should be simple enough to do something with in such a short amount of time. Well we all know how our perception of how much time we think we have differs from how much time we actually have but I managed to come up with something rough. I started out trying to animate her directly on the computer but I wasn't too happy with the brush strokes. The one thing that I love about the initial sketch were the blatant pencil lines so I did some keys on paper!

I animated the other character on the computer because when I compared the hand-drawn to the roughs on the computer I ended up liking the pose on the computer better. I should have had that image open while drawing on paper but I'll do that next time.


  1. Nice! Taking the initiative with the blog's first animation! I like the character a lot. Simple, but appealing design. I need to go to work on some, I mean YES! NOW I GET TO GO WORK ON SOME ANIMATION!!

  2. I am waiting for my animation desk to be built first. Or someone to do a line for my character but no one has sent me one.