Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some Last Boys Poses

Since it's still my day, I too shall post some more...

One of my weaknesses when designing characters is putting them into interesting poses. They usually end up in varied, but still uninteresting, 3/4 and front on views. In order to combat mediocrity, I popped in my Star Wars: Clone Wars DVD and put my characters into some sweet Jedi poses:

*note: This was Genndy Tartakovsky's incredible, dazzling, best-adaptation-ever version of the Clone Wars I was using as a reference; not the stiff, wooden, unappealing CGI crap on currently...

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  1. I'm assuming I'm the slick guy in Purple with the knives. Remember that assignment Clint gave us to draw three characters that would represents the three different human body types? I'm assuming that is what you're going for! I still have that in a sketchbook somewhere... Maybe I'll find a scanner to upload them someday! If this was a Beat'em up game, Todd would be the all-around guy, Steve would be the slow-but-strong character, and I would be the fast but weak guy. Final Fight rulz