Thursday, July 8, 2010

Character Design Model Sheet

I have been drawing this character for a while and I decided to make a character build of her. I plan to do a complete turnaround when I get the front three-quarter view completed.

I would like to do an animation test of the build but I am having a hard time finding a recorded line that will work. I request that one of my lady-readers record and send me a short one-liner or something so I can accomplish this. I will buy you a coke.

Do I have a plan for the build beyond that? No. What I am thinking is that maybe I will make several characters and use the builds in a webcomic. I am however a terrible writer so this might not happen.

Build in Adobe Flash, model sheet in Adobe Illustrator.


  1. I think her facial expressions are very well done.

  2. They are basically imitations of the Kim Possible mouths with some modifications. Plus the sheets I was looking at were poor resolution and unclear at times.

  3. I think you should do a walk cycle with her! Who is she supposed to be?

  4. Now that the build is completely done, I can do a walkcycle. It has been forever since I've done one.

    As for who she is supposed to be? I am not sure. I haven't come up with a project or character profile. Still working on it. Again, I am a TERRIBLE writer.

  5. Hey Steve, Todds' mom here. She has a sweet look in my un-artsy opinion. She looks like she could be a young mom of terrible two twins but she is keeping her "composure". So glad you are keeping your creative skills engaged!