Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My drawing hand is rusty...

But whatever. Since going back to school to get my Bachelor's Degree in Art Education, I've been taking a wide variety of classes just to get a grasp on rudimentary art practices that I have skipped earlier in life; mostly being sculpture. And boy was I missing out. Although I have nothing to show for it (cardboard cubes aren't worth flaunting online), I have sketched a sculpture for my summer class that is rooted in my life-drawing training and has influenced me to start planning a series. Let's see if I actually do it, but until then, here is the sketch-

This was actually a final for my summer class. Since we ran out of time to actually build the form, we were asked to simply draw it out and present it to the class. I'm pretty sure I'm good at selling myself since I received a good grade, even though I was over 35 minutes late and everyone was already leaving, whoops! And I also sketched this at a Subway restaurant while dinning with a friend right before leaving for class, double-whoops!

The assignment was to make a sculpture that represents the human figure. So I thought back to my life drawing experiences while remembering the concept of the strong silhouette and the raw energy of sketching for animation. Then I thought of using triangles (my favorite shape) to create a stylized figure. I was originally planning on creating this form with wood and wire (because that what we have to work with in my class) but now I'm thinking of steel and welding everything together, since the object would be far less fragile that way. Then again I can't weld. Overall, I'm going to go back and rework some of the proportions and angles to make it more proper and dramatic.

For the sake of photography, I went back to darken the lines because I don't know how good my mom's digital camera is, so alot of the original line quality that I liked in this quick has been killed with wiggly dark streaks. Oh well. In the next week or two, I'll offer some people watching studies and monsters!



  1. I am a little disappointed that we get Bryan's last minute homework assignment as a post. I don't mind that anything else and the pose is good, and well balanced. But much like I am assuming you didn't tell your instructor that you did it last minute, you probably shouldn't have told us.

  2. How big is the sculpture supposed to be?

  3. Haha...I think Steve has a point. See how hard he was trying to sell himself? You scoundrel...

  4. The assignment wasn't an afterthought because I was focused and planned it out before making the final sketch that you see here. I only said all of that to be funny.

    PS- I'm thinking about making it maybe be about 1 1/2 ft tall, maybe 2ft? If I make it out of wood it would have to be shorter since the "joints" would be much weaker the larger it gets (gorilla glue isn't perfect). Like I said before, I would ideally weld it together if I had the know-how, and I've been thinking of taking classes, so we'll see. Maybe I'll make a scale model out of cardbord?