Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Sultanate of Oman

This post goes out to my good friends Andre and Sarah, currently scuba diving off the coast of Oman...

So there was a sweet book sale at the library yesterday. A stack of books 1 foot high--US$1. Among the booty I collected, Medieval II: Total War for PC; a companion book and companion record to a slide series on Greece (no slides though...). Bonus: the record is narrated by Vincent Price. I also picked up this random book on Oman, circa 1970. Since I was bored, I decided to do some sketches from it:

It was fun and interesting to draw different types of people I've never really studied before.


Also, random Havelock drawing:

I've been using a Micron 05 pen a lot lately, mainly because my favored Micron 03 pen is pretty much used up. However, I wasn't getting the types of results I wanted in my inking. The tip is just a little too big.

For this drawing, I decided to try something new. I used my favorite pen of all time to do the clean-up--a Zebra F-301. It's actually a ballpoint pen, but I've been using it to sketch with for about a year now, so I have good control with it. It's what I used to do the sketches above.

Anyway, I like the results. I've never been a fan of the super-clean, super-tight inked drawing. The sketchiness I get with the Zebra as opposed to the Micron is more my style.

Also, I'm playing around with color:

Personally, the first one is my favorite, but I was hoping for some opinions.
I added some shading to the last one.


  1. What kind of character is Havelock?

  2. He's the big grizzly bear with the heart of gold. He's also very practical and reliable. He tends to act as the voice of reason in the group. The name Havelock actually means "Sea Battler." He comes from a family of shipbuilders and is very good with his hands.

  3. haha nice!

    I personally could go for either the first or second color set.

    You should check out this site (if you haven't already)

    A friend showed me that link and it's pretty neat. The blog especially is very informative.